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Inspired by Traditional Values 

Abersoch Gin is handcrafted in small batches within our distillery which sits on the Llyn Peninsula of North Wales.

Our Abersoch gin is independently produced from start to finish and has taken over a year to develop what we believe to be the perfect gin formula and the fully flavoured body and complex and delightful aromas created by our botanical recipe is a testament to our craft and dedication.

Juniper is at the heart of all of our gin and we don’t use artificial colours, flavourings, added sugar or anything that breaks from the tradition of producing the finest Welsh craft gin.


Abersoch Welsh Craft Gin
Welsh gin from Abersoch
Artisan craft gin company

How to Enjoy our Welsh Craft Gin.

Ideally, use a Copa de Balon glass , the unique shape of the  glass makes your gin taste better as the bowls wide  shape helps collect the botanical scents of the gin. The glass is wide so can fit plenty of ice and garnishes inside the glass. This enhances the aromas of the gin and keeps your drink colder for longer. 

The Perfect Gin

What makes a good gin is a well distilled base and a recipe that gives you the flavour you like. If the base is good, then so long as you like the flavour, the gin is good. It’s really a matter of taste.

When finding the perfect flavour, we wanted to focus on a berry flavour which compliments gin perfectly.
Blueberries always came out on top when we asked people their favourite berry flavour.

While the blueberry may start off sweet, its sharp flavour presence perfectly accompanies the base gin to create a sweet yet powerful flavour profile.

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